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Below are stories of some of our recent successes!


This is Cane. He is a 2 year old neutered male Border Collie Mix. On St November 6th, 2015, he was picked up on E Benton St. The shelter had received a phone call that a dog had been dumped earlier that day and had then been hit by a car.

The Humane Society responded to the call. After an evaluation at the vet, it was determined he had numerous lacerations, he also had severe left metatarsal fractures (foot) and left coxofemoral fractures (leg/hip/pelvic). We were unsure if the leg could be saved. After 5 months of trips to the St Mary's Vet (every two weeks), multiple splints, and a lot of stitches, Cane's leg was saved. Although Cane still has a limp because of his hip, on February 26th, 2016, he was given the all clear and able to be adopted.

During this time, a wonderful family, The Mitchell's, came into the shelter and saw Cane. They immediately fell in love with Cane and for two months they came in a couple times a week and spent quality time with Cane getting to know him. On February 27th he was adopted into to his new furever home.


Our sweet Jazz was brought to the shelter on Aug 17th, 2016. The Auglaize County Dog Warden had been called to a house in St. Mary's, OH about a dog being dropped off inside their fence. When the Dog Warden saw her, he knew she needed more help than he could give her. We were all devastated by how emaciated (under fed) she was. All of us here at the shelter unanimously decided that we would take her in and do all we could to save her. Mean while, the Dog Warden and our office started looking for the owner of the dog. There was no way we were going to let this get swept under the rug and no one be held accountable for the mistreatment of an animal. As of September 30th, 2016 the case is still being investigated.

At first, we started feeding her small meals, multiple times a day. When she seemed to do well with that, we increased her food and started feeding her twice a day. Her food consisted of: puppy chow, science diet ID formula (intestinal care), and Dynovite ( a nutritional supplement sprinkled on her food). As of now, she is still getting the same food but we are able to feed her once a day. It was amazing to us how well she responded! As of November 2016, she had been with us for a little over a month and had gained most of her weight back and was looking great!



Bear was brought in to our shelter on October 3, 2016. The family no longer
wanted him because he was extremely hyper and a lot to handle.  Bear was only
a year old, and a very handsome full blood golden retriever so it wasn't
long until all the applications for him started to come in. With him being
on our adoption site, we can get applications from anywhere in the country! We received a very well written application from all the way in Wisconsin, with
an awesome vet reference! Without hesitation we gave them a call. They
decided they wanted to come in and adopt him as soon as possible! That
following Saturday their whole family drove a 7 hour drive from Wisconsin to
Wapakoneta to adopt their forever furry child! Bear is now named Griffin and
going to dog training classes and is becoming a number one Packer fan!
Congratulations to Brenda May and her fabulous family!



On May 19th of 2016, a dog named Rocky came into the shelter bright eyed and
bushy tailed. He was a 9 year old boy who had a severe bacterial infection
on his skin, which caused him to constantly itch and made him lose most of
his fur. On top of his skin issues he was also very over weight and
struggled to get from point A to point B. Knowing his issues, we agreed to
take him in and try to provide a better life for him. Rocky had to get a
medicated bath twice a week, he had to take pain killers, and he needed to
get a good walk everyday. He was here for almost 4 months and ended up
losing a lot of weight and all of his fur grew back! In those 4 short months
his caretaker became very attached to him and loved him very much! He was an
extremely smart dog and had old wise eyes. He was one of the cleanest boys
at the shelter and he just wanted someone to pay attention to him. He became
very spoiled while he was here with us and he always knew his caretaker
would give him a treat and a kiss on the head each morning! On August 16th
of 2016 a very nice couple came in too meet Mr. Rocky and fell madly in love
with him! It was very difficult for us to say good bye to Rocky but his
caretaker knew that they would give him the love every old dog deserves.
Congratulations Rocky on your furever home!

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